15 Best Travel Strollers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

       We’ve tested the best travel strollers on the market for maneuverability, design, durability, and portability.
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        If you are traveling with a child under 4 years old, a stroller is required. But when you hit the road, your everyday stroller may not be the best choice: Today’s stroller models are large, with plenty of storage space, roomy canopies, and big wheels for rough terrain. Not suitable for boarding trains, planes and cars, or for entering and leaving hotels. If you plan to travel frequently with your baby, you may want to consider purchasing a travel stroller.
        So, what is a travel stroller? A travel stroller is a smaller, downsized stroller with a folding frame that folds tightly. Many travel strollers fold in different ways to reduce length, width and height; some, like umbrella strollers, fold to one side to create a narrow but still longer section. Ultimately, you want your travel stroller to be comfortable and safe for your baby, while also folding into a very compact and easy-to-carry package.
        We’ve tested 32 travel strollers from top brands like Uppababy, Nuna and Babyzen. We measured and weighed them, then spent eight and a half hours spinning them in our New York lab, testing each stroller for maneuverability, design features, durability and portability. Here are the winners.
       It folds down into an extremely compact and easy-to-carry bag, and the storage compartment can accommodate a small backpack when using a stroller.
        The Joolz Aer looks great, rolls smoothly, and offers just enough padding for the little rider sitting inside. But none of this was enough to make it stand out from the other strollers we tested. This stroller really won us over with its excellent compactness and ease of transport when folded. It’s ideal for storing in your car because it’s small and easy to fold and unfold, so you can take it with you almost anywhere.
        The folding process itself is simple and can be done with one hand – just press both buttons at the same time and push forward. (It’s worth noting that unfolding requires two hands.) When folded, the Joolz Aer is smaller and more manageable than many of the other strollers on this list—it easily fit into our makeshift overhead bin on the plane. Medium – Elastic shoulder pads and handlebars provide two convenient, comfortable carrying options. While it’s not the lightest stroller we’ve tested, it’s definitely not the heaviest. It is very convenient to carry with you.
        The Joolz Aer also has several useful design features. The large hood provides good coverage and opens to reveal mesh ventilation windows. The seat back can be reclined using easily adjustable straps; This system, like the viewing window, can be neatly stowed away using a zipper system when not in use. The under-seat storage basket is large enough to fit a small backpack, and a slot in the seatback can accommodate documents, a tablet or a slim laptop. I would like to have a cup holder for adults and a footrest for children, but they can be purchased separately. It would be nice if the belt buckle system was a little simpler, you’ll need to read the instructions carefully to really get the hang of it. The handles are smooth and soft, and the stroller rolls well on all surfaces we tested: hardwood, tile, carpet and gravel. It also handles turns and spins with ease. He was not injured when we dropped him from waist height and pushed him off the table.
        Details: 14.1 lbs | 41.5 x 32.75 x 17.75 inches assembled | 8.5 x 21 x 17.75 x inches folded | Weight limit 50 pounds
       Not only does it roll well, but the one-hand folding process is the smoothest of any stroller we’ve tested.
        During testing, when we pressed the Nuna Trvl’s fold button, some spring-loaded mechanism seemed to trigger the process and make it easier. This is a useful detail that any parent or guardian will appreciate. The folding process is quick and easy and can be done with one hand. However, the Trvl isn’t as lightweight as some other strollers, and it doesn’t have shoulder straps (although the bumper folds into a carrying handle when folded). It’s unclear whether the Nuna TRVL will fit in all airplane luggage compartments: when we put it in our car, the wheels stuck out a bit and it was a tight fit.
        The Trvl has many great design features, including adjustable footrests and a simple adjustable recline system to suit your child. The belt buckle is magnetic, which saves a little time, and the hood has a viewing window for good ventilation. The lower storage basket is also enlarged, making it suitable for travel strollers and allowing you to comfortably fit a backpack. The stroller had a beautiful gold finish on every surface we tried it on. There was no difference between riding on smooth hardwood and shag carpet, and it handled gravel without issue. It performed well in durability tests.
        Details: 15.4 lbs | 41 x 26 x 20.5 inches assembled | 11 x 27.25 x 20.25 inches folded | Weight limit 50 pounds
        Strollers can be very expensive; many young parents are shocked when they see these price tags for the first time. This is not the case with Kolcraft Cloud Plus. While it’s not the prettiest of the bunch (there’s some loud branding), it’s easy to fold and can even be done with one hand with a little effort and coordination. We love that it can be deployed with one hand.
        When folded, the Cloud Plus isn’t as small as most other products we’ve tested. In shape, it is something between an umbrella and a regular travel stroller. It’s very lightweight, which we like, but since it doesn’t fold down enough to fit in the overhead bin and doesn’t have straps or handles, it’s not as portable as other options.
        This stroller is the only one we tested with a tray for baby food and drinks; The tray can be removed if you want to save space. There are also two small cup holders for adults, although our travel mugs didn’t fit in them. A storage basket accommodates small backpacks. The tilt system is very easy to use, it reclines three-quarters back to a horizontal position, and the canopy is good but not perfect. The same goes for seat upholstery.
        It rolled well on smooth surfaces, although there was some resistance on carpet and even more so on graves. But we managed to cope with this, and the stroller is light enough that you can keep moving even if the wheels don’t roll. It wasn’t the smoothest ride, but it was passable. During durability testing, the pan came off, but there was no real damage. Overall, Cloud Plus offers excellent value for money and is a great budget option.
        Details: 11.8 lbs | 38 x 27 x 18 inches assembled | 10 x 33 x 17.5 inches folded | Weight limit 50 lbs.
        The GB Qbit+ All City reminds us of the Nuna Trvl, but at a much lower price. The only area where this stroller compares to the Nuna model is the canopy, which isn’t particularly nice or roomy, and is a bit difficult to carry around as it’s a bit heavy and doesn’t have a real carrying strap. Still, there’s a lot to like about Qbit. Easy to fold with one hand, easy to fasten and unfasten. The seat is softly padded and the entire backrest is made of breathable mesh to prevent your baby from overheating. The footrest is easy to use and stays level. The seat reclines almost all the way back so your baby can take a nap in comfort. The included bumper is easy to remove and install, and the steering wheel looks great. The backpack also has plenty of storage space. As for maneuverability, it rolled well on all of our test surfaces and made crisp, sharp turns. If you want something similar and almost as good as the Nuna Trvl, this is the stroller for you.
        Details: 17.6 lbs | 41 x 24 x 17 inches assembled | 10.5 x 23 x 16.5 inches folded | Weight limit 54.8 lbs
        The Minu has many of the features familiar to UPPAbaby fans—structureless back pockets for storage, a latch that keeps the stroller folded, a great hood—but unlike the G-Luxe and G-Link models, this stroller is not an umbrella stroller. In fact, we think this is the best stroller for travel. The Minu folds easier than other UPPAbaby models and is more compact than umbrella models. You can fold it with one hand, but remember that after folding the canopy needs to be tucked. The soft strap can be easily thrown over the shoulder. When it comes to portability, the Minu isn’t the lightest or smallest option on our list, but it’s quite portable and fits nicely in the luggage compartment.
        The Minu’s seatback reclines comfortably, making it easy to take a nap, and the steering wheel feels good in your palms. The dome’s magnetic mesh windows are comfortable and easy to keep open, and the sunshade that protects baby’s eyes from glare is one of the best we’ve seen in testing. The seats are well padded, but we would have liked the footrests to be adjustable. We love the large storage basket underneath.
        In terms of maneuverability, Minu performed well. It doesn’t turn in as sharply as the Joolz or Nuna and is hard to push, but it handles gravel very well. When we pushed the stroller off the table, the bar popped out, but we fixed it easily. Overall, although this stroller is expensive, it is not the most expensive on the list and the quality features are worth it.
        Details: £14.75 | 41 x 31 x 20.5 inches assembled | 12 x 22.5 x 20.25 inches folded | Weight limit 50 pounds
        Folding the Babyzen Yoyo 2 requires two hands, and while it’s not difficult, it’s a more involved process than some other strollers. Deployment was very simple, except that we noticed that our feet got stuck in the straps a few times. Although folding and unfolding is a little frustrating, we love how portable this stroller is. It folds up very compactly and comes with comfortable padded shoulder straps and metal stands for easy portability. It fits easily into the top storage compartment. This is a great choice for a stroller you plan to take with you.
        Yoyo 2 also has some nice features. The seat cushion is particularly comfortable, and the seat reclines three-quarters of the way back to a flat position (though the seat is a bit tricky to figure out). There’s also a pocket at the back with a decent storage basket that can hold a small bag. The canopy is nice, but we would have preferred the viewing windows to be mesh rather than plastic.
        The handling of this stroller is particularly outstanding. We were able to maneuver this stroller through the safety cones with ease, and we could really see this stroller being useful in a crowded grocery store or airport.
        Details: 14.7 lbs | 41 x 28.8 x 17 inches assembled | 8 x 20 x 16 inches folded | Weight limit 40 pounds
        For such a large size, the double stroller folds very easily. We even managed to do it with one hand, with a little effort, which none of us expected. Unfolding is a little more difficult as the latches require some force to release. As a double stroller, the G-Link 2 isn’t the most compact when folded. Additionally, it is an umbrella-shaped design, so it may not fit into many overhead containers. It’s a little bulky to carry around, as you’d expect from a double stroller, but it has a comfortable handle and the stroller is lighter than it looks. You can actually move it around rather than carry it when folded, but it’s not easy, and when we did it, we were blown away.
        We like the G-Link 2 dome: quality materials and good coverage. There are small storage pockets behind each seat with a cup holder. You can also store a purse or very small backpack in the undercarriage basket. The seat is padded and extends to provide support for the driver’s shins. The shoulder straps are easy to fasten and are available in different heights, and the seatback has two recline positions for easy adjustment.
        The stroller rolled well on all surfaces, even gravel, and turned much sharper than we expected. We also like that there are no wheels in the middle of the frame (most double umbrella strollers have them), making it easier to push without hitting the wheels or frame. Finally, it showed no damage during our durability tests.
        Details: 21.8 lbs | 41 x 25 x 28.25 inches assembled | 14 x 40 x 17.5 inches folded | Seat weight limit 55 lbs.
        The Cybex Libelle stroller looks stylish and folds easily into easy-to-storage sizes. This stroller is easy to unfold and is ideal for family travel. The stroller’s wheels turn easier than other stroller models and provide a smooth ride on most surfaces.
        This stroller’s simple design means there are no extra pockets or cup holders, and its lightweight, compact style makes it a great choice for travel, as most airplanes will fit the stroller in the overhead bin. Please note that this model does not come with a carrying strap, so if you plan to use the stroller for long walks, you will need to carry it by the frame.
       It handled well on smooth, hard surfaces with no noticeable hiccups, but struggled on gravel.
        Details: 13.7 lbs | 41 x 20 x 20 inches assembled | 8 x 22 x 14 inches folded | Weight limit 55 lbs
        From tight turns to steep curbs and rocky terrain, the Bugaboo Butterfly Seat stroller tackles every challenge with ease. Thanks to the advanced suspension on all four wheels and the lightweight frame, we love how little effort it takes to push the stroller even with one hand. The wheels seem to absorb bumps and impacts well, keeping the seat stable and baby in place.
        We were equally impressed with the stroller’s packaging and its transport capabilities. Weighing in at just over 16 pounds, the Butterfly folds down to a compact size, making it easy to carry and can even be lifted into the air and stored in an airplane overhead bin. It was also easy to assemble and remained intact without damage after we dropped it.
       Other useful features of this stroller include a Velcro rain cover, a seat cover, a spacious under-seat basket, a padded handle with wrist strap, a reclining mechanism, and an easy-to-use foot brake.
        Details: 16.1 lbs | 36.4 x 17.7 x 40.3 inches assembled | 17.7 x 9.1 x 21.3 inches folded | Weight limit 48.5 lbs
        We can certainly admire this stroller’s luxurious looks and smooth controls, but what features do we like most? It can transform into a suitcase on wheels. This thing flies because it easily folds into the shape of a suitcase and glides across surfaces just as easily when folded as it does when unfolded. What’s more, converting between the two stroller shapes is incredibly easy—all it takes is one hand and a few seconds.
        Aside from the luggage features, this stroller also impressed us with its quality. The hood and handlebars have a luxurious look, and the seat and footrests are adjustable. Even in crowded conditions, the stroller can maneuver and maneuver on a variety of surfaces, including stairs.
       Even if you don’t necessarily need all the convenient features that the Jet 3 has, you’ll still love the look of this stroller—it’s sleek, stylish, and takes up virtually no space.
        Details: 13.6 lbs | 35.4 x 17.7 x 39.5 inches assembled | 7.1 x 11.8 x 21.6 inches folded | Weight limit 55 lbs
        If you love the simple life, then the compact and convenient Contours Itsy stroller may be the perfect choice for you. Straight out of the box, it comes virtually assembled—all you have to do is lock the bumper in place, which requires virtually no effort. The best part is that it’s a simple option—there are no cup holders or large baskets to weigh you down, take up space, or complicate things.
        However, we like features like the protective bumpers, easy-to-use harnesses, UV 50 sun protection canopy, and padding on the crotch straps that make the stroller comfortable. They also appreciate the small size of the footrest, basket and the entire stroller as it is easy to use and transport.
        When it’s time to put the stroller away (or pack it for a trip), we love how tiny it folds up—in its simplest form, it’s not much bigger than a shopping bag. It is also very lightweight and folds easily with one hand.
        Details: 12.3 lbs | 32 x 39 x 18.2 inches assembled | 11 x 22 x 11 inches folded | Weight limit 40 lbs.
        Folding this stroller is very easy, although not as smooth as some other strollers. The unwrapping process is also a bit tricky and takes some practice. So what did we like about Baby Jogger City Tour 2? It’s reasonably priced, performed well in most of our tests, and handles very well on all surfaces. We noticed a subtle difference between how it rolled on shag carpet and smooth wooden surfaces, and while other strollers struggled a bit on gravel, this one rolled with ease.

Post time: Oct-23-2023